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Maintaining Corporate Cybersecurity

Regardless of industry or services offered, organizational cybersecurity must be a top priority for every company in 2019.

EMR Breaches Up Big Time in 2019

According to HIPPA Journal, the biggest cybersecurity issue facing the healthcare industry is electronic medical records (EMR) getting leaked/exposed.

Six Popular Cybersecurity Certifications for Professionals

With the number of job openings rising and a shortage of skilled professionals to fill these roles, a career in cybersecurity has never looked more appealing. Here are six popular cybersecurity.

Overwhelming Majority of Email Attacks Rely on People

Even though we all know not to click that email from the Wakandan lottery, phishing attacks still pose a huge problem for businesses.

Effects of a Cybersecurity Breach on Your Business

A cybersecurity breach can be a critical hit to your business.

Recession Proof Cybersecurity Jobs

A career in cybersecurity seems like a safe bet no matter what the economy is doing. But is that really the case?

Improving Workforce Cybersecurity Behaviors

Since 2004, October has been designated as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Many organizations use this as an opportunity to roll out annual cybersecurity training to their entire.

Gamification can Improve Your Cybersecurity Training

Is your cybersecurity training not resonating with your learners?

Key Takeaway from LinkedIn's Talent Connect 2019

As the director of talent acquisition with The Judge Group, I’m always looking for ways improve our internal hiring process and for insights into building high-performing teams.

Five Industries Commonly Targeted for Cyber Attacks

There’s just no way around it: any company that collects sensitive information is going to be a target of cybercriminals. It’s the unfortunate reality that businesses operate in today.