Overwhelming Majority of Email Attacks Rely on People

Posted by Nick Iannucci on Oct 22, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Even though we all know not to click that email from the Wakandan lottery, phishing attacks still pose a huge problem for businesses.

According to a recent article from ZDNet, 99% of email attacks rely on some kind of human interaction to work. Companies need to be aware of this threat and the new levels of sophistication in email attacks. Potentially dangerous emails are better disguised as ever. Not only do they imitate legitimate businesses, they are increasingly imitating high-level managers within an organization.

Remember, when you receive an email always:

  • Check the sender – make sure the email address is legitimate
  • Don’t click links in emails from unknown or unfamiliar senders
  • Don’t download any attachments from an unrecognized sender


Check out the full story from ZDNet here.

Topics: Cybersecurity

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